Irobot Roomba Robotic vacuum cleaners

The Irobot Roomba hoovers are a series of robotic vacuum cleaners, which are fully automated and will clean your carpets while you put your feet up. These cleaners have a number of advanced features, keeping them at the top of the pack in terms of cleaning performance. Features include:

  • Intelligent sensors to detect wall egdes, drops and stairs.
  • Automatic adjustment between carpet and hard floor settings
  • Self recharging when battery level is low

Model Overview

The current irobot models are the 5th generation, offering unrivalled performance when compared to other robotic hoovers on the market. The popular roomba 530 has been replaced with the newer 531, which is now the standard model. It has all of the features lsited above as well as the virtual wall technology, which easily allows users to set off limit areas within a room. The roomba 555 has the same great cleaning performance but also has an inbuilt scheduling system for complete automation. The 564 model is a robotic pet vacuum cleaner, specially designed for homes with pets. It is the 5th generation replacement for the popular Roomba 560. The new 581 is the latest high end model with a very powerful motor, longer battery life and advanced scheduling options. Finally, the Irobot Scooba 385 is an automatic floor washing machine. It is the latest model and is widely considered to be the best automated carpet machine on the market.

Where To Buy

The most recent models can be bought online from Apex Supplies. They are a UK based retailer cleaning products for both domestic and commercial use. They are an official "Approved Supplier" for the Irobot Roomba Vacuums. Follow the links in the navigation to visit Apex Supplies.